ONE PLANT IT is a proposed weekly series hosted by comedian, musician and Cannabis Emissary Buddy Plant that covers topics like health, news, food, fashion, entertainment, groups, organizations, events and the rising industry stars that are making history every week in the rapidly growing global multi-billion dollar Cannabis community.

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In this day and age there is so much history being made all around us.

Right now there is a large movement to legalize Marijuana after 80+ years of it being "criminal".

More and more people realize the fantastic importance of having this one plant in our society and all the benefits it produces. The movement has become so big and so far reaching its gone global, as we usher in the new additions to our economies, health and well being of this planet we call home.

We are currently pitching to produce the show " ONE PLANT IT " which is the proposed TV weekly web series, hosted by Comedian and Cannabis Emissary BUDDY PLANT, that will cover all aspects of the "Cannabis Community" from news, foods, health, reviews, sports, travel, entertainment, celeb interviews and so much more.

It will be part "Entertainment Tonight" and part Reality Show for the rapidly growing Cannabis Community.

This is the show that brings you behind the scenes to meet some of the people who work hard at getting this Marijuana Prohibition reversed and educate others toward responsible use of the plant.

Buddy Plant , who was recently nominated for one of the 2014 Cannabis Business Awards in the category of MVP Awards, will oversee a talented, informative crew who each specialize in a specific area of Cannabis knowledge from medical to recreational Cannabis.

This is the show that covers all the upscale "Green Carpet" events and sets the trend for awards, accolades and ceremonies revolving around the Cannabis community.

This is the show that will be known for its annual industry recognition awards or it's annual comedic award for "Lifetime Cannabis Overachiever" .

This is the show that takes you behind the scenes and opens the door to this tight knit community who now are growing in large numbers everyday and most important… this show will help remove the "stoner" label that has been put on anyone who has used or still uses Cannabis.

This is the show that travels around the globe to bring you all the latest news and information regarding new laws, new strains, new medicines, new products and so much more. We take on politicians at the highest levels to help legislate the laws revolving around this misunderstood plant.

This is the show that will help families relocate to Medical Marijuana friendly states and helps with some of the funds for those who are in need of Cannabis as a medicine or be put in touch with the proper medication resources.

As the mainstream media starts to embrace what will soon be inevitable and with over 50,000 uses including food, oil, fuel, medicine, clothing, plastics, batteries and more... growing daily… this is the show that educates and stimulates the imaginations of us all in an industry thats projected to be worth 35 Billion U.S. dollars by year 2020.

So isn't this great plant worthy of a mainstream broadcast show? Cannabis saves the planet as it creates jobs and revenue in an industry growing leaps and bounds.  "ONE PLANT IT" is that show…

Please help this come to fruition so you can soon sit back and enjoy the content that we have all been denied… for so long. Join tons of others who feel the same and remember if you know me from social media… I might be coming to see you…

ONE PLANT IT… overgrow it all…


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